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Procurement Sourcing/Working with a Local Partner

We out/in source projects and initiatives to which market is the most competitive without compromising quality, dependability, and organizational structure. Our market savvy consultants are well verse in various industries and are driven to provide excellent market sourcing. Our market consultants are well connected and have proven record of accomplishment on incorporating their experience to utilize their skill in product placement and market entry projects.


List of Private Sector or Government Contacts: We will identify a list of potential partners for you in your target market, including distributors, representatives, agent customers, or government officials


Survey of Private Sector or Government Contacts: Our consultants will contact selected companies or government agencies to gauge their interest in partnering with your company


Interviews and Screening of Private Sector or Government Contacts: Our in country partners will conduct in depth interviews with your prospects to further analyze your partnership opportunities in the target market


Due Diligence: on specific client, partners, representatives

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