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Events and Conferences


Premier Global Council Group understands the segmentation of markets, population, and most importantly, industry in order to appeal to a global market consumer group. We subscribe to the proven approach that the norm in international commerce is information technology, product placement, and most importantly, movement of goods.  Premier Global Council is staffed and operated by quality consultants in various parts of the globe and with a unique understanding of emerging and frontier markets. Our American style business acumen increases a market entry platform and multiplies an investor’s latitude in the return on investment. Our training and events are planned with a strategic approach and proven record to enhance an organization's capacity. We develop events that are of interest to small and medium size companies, so they would feel right at home, while learning new and strategic ways to improve local market capacity.


Market Visit: Organize in country visit for your corporate delegation, meeting with intended organization, venue preparation, in country logistics


Logistical Services: Our consultants will set up appointments with contacts you have already identified in the target market, and arrange for transportation, lodging, interpreters. (per individual)


Consultant Assistance/Participation in Meetings: If you need more help on the ground, our partners in country can accompany you to your meetings and provide interpreter services, business facilitation, and transportation assistance.


Independent Visit:  Allow our consultants to set up independent meetings for you with perspective partners. They will identify a list of prospects for your review and set up meetings for you with the most promising companies. (additional days of meetings may be arrange with extra fee)


In Country Promotion or Symposium: Our consultants will identify and invite prospective local partners or customers to a symposium, during which you can promote and demonstrate your product or services (We can also arrange to demonstrate your product and show case your services for a fee) Separate Service*


Trade Show Support: We can provide assistance with walking the show, setting up and working your booth. (Registration and Commute Separate Service*) Extra Fee



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