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Market Entry:


We promote international trade and are at the front end of market entry solution. In the twenty first century, new markets will open up, markets strengthen, and purchasing power is bound to increase worldwide.  Premier Global Council specifically helps businesses to capture these opportunity markets and cultivate local approach to development, a strategic influence that often yields a win-win environment for both business and community. We represent our client’s interest in various markets through our collaboration with local market experts. We also, provide bi-lingual support to our clients through our relationship with language service providers and local institutions.


Marketing Research: Local Resources for market research, including periodicals, trade shows, associations, and advertising opportunities, specifically in client’s field of interest.


Market Entry Strategy: An analysis of your company’s best options for entering the market and resources to utilize


Establish your business in the market: including information on the standard mark up/commission for distributors or representatives, payment terms, stocking quantities, inco-terms, delivery times, and transportation management in country.

Competition Analysis: Up to 3 of your company’s top competitors in the target market, including analysis of pricing information and current trends in the industry and provide debriefing to your decision makers.


Summary of Current trends: in the target market, specific to your industry, such as new technologies introduced, predominant supplier of substitutes, new regulations or import fees, etc (This can be tailored specifically to your requirement)


Emerging region for product placement: Investigate rapid developing region within country and provide contacts and strategic advice on how to enter the region on a first mover advantage strategy.






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