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Our Partners list

Premier Global Council is your international business partner which utilizes local resources to protect your investment, support market development and increase community business intelligence.

We are stewards of global market development in all its form and understanding, and this is the reason we adhere to your motivation in increasing your business presence in the local market, export and investment.

PGC Group lifts all "boats" we make sure that our partners gain the benefit of becoming our partner by helping them increase capacity and become a successful institution in whatever industry they belong.

Making sure that when you succeed, we succeed, just like a true community.

"Al Mina is an entrepreneurial spirit, looking for solutions and ideas to further business promotion. He also proved to be a reliable collaborator with important connections in the business world". 

​Adina Morosanu

International Romexpress Service Ltd.

Licensee of Federal Express Corporation

"My collaboration with Mr. Mina, helped define my strategy and properly market the Polytron brand. He was instrumental in developing a market entry overview to complement my future action plan in sales and to think more about the need for advertising and marketing Polytron lubricants".

George Amzica

Polytron Lubricant 

Exclusive Distributor Romania

"It was a shared pleasure to find an optimal solution with Mr Aldous Mina.
Our constant, fast and straight communication flow enabled the best outcome".

Marcin Kachnicz

Lufthansa/ GTS Group

"Many thanks to Mr. Aldous Mina for excellent collaboration and support of our business initiative. We have learned a lot from his experience.He is a very well connected person, 

 very kind, highly professional and always ready to help. We would definitely recommend Mr. Aldous Mina to anyone interested in developing a business in Europe"

Mona Moldoveanu Pologea

Founder and managing director ROLANG

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