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Services and Training Events

  • Are you interested in having our consultants train your staff and build your organizational capacity? 

  • Are you a US based business and looking to enter the CEE market?

  • Is your country a member of the European Union?

  • Do you belong to one of the transitioning countries of the Central and Eastern European markets?

  • Need representation in the largest emerging market (ASIA) in the world?

If your answer is "Yes" to any one of these questions, we are here to serve. ---------View our list of services.

How to enter the CEE markets

Theme: CEE Market Research, Legal Framework in Emerging and Frontier markets, Trade Mission/Pairing Arrangements, Collaboration with National and Local Officials, Documentation Procedures in Export/Import(Labeling Procedure-VAT-Distributors), Government Resources in the US, Identifying a Market Representative, Competition and Visibility, Industry Analysis, Building a Trade Relationship with Foreign Counterparts,Check-List before Entering a Foreign Market, Trade Mission Preparation Briefing

EU-US Market Survey

Theme: Market Research, Legal Framework, Trade Mission, Collaboration with Embassy Officials, Documentation Procedures in Export/Import, Government Resources, US Market Representative, Competition, Industry Analysis, Building a Trade Relationship with American Counterparts, Check-list before entering a Foreign Market, Trade Mission Preparation check-list

Preparing your business to compete globally

Theme: What you should know before going global, Are your (Product-Service) ready to go abroad?, Demystifying International Business, Culture and Norms that can prevent you from being optimal overseas, Mind-Set that is "Golden", The power of Expat Consultants, Increase Brand Positioning with as little as the cost of a Hamburger, Net Income could mean Casting a Larger Net  

Building a solid organization

Theme: Learn to have a solid workforce, Managing your managers, Develop a Structured Message, Relationship Building, Network with Like-Minded Organizations, Initiate a Comprehensive Organizational Plan, Increase Productivity, Industry Trouble Makers, Pro-activity does not mean less engagement, Time and Talent a variable in increasing organizational capacity 

Ready, Set, Grow!

Theme: Participate in our comprehensive market entry training trade mission before buying your plane ticket. Our stimulating and capacity building techniques will increase your chances in landing a sale order, connecting with the right decision makers, and leave your visited country with a sense of accomplishment.

Think Global, Act Global, Be Global!

Theme: Learn why it is important to leave your native mentality at the departure gate, Develop a global mind-set that is a true winner, Incorporate your business acumen into the twenty-first century global business arena, Utilize the internet to win orders and credibility around the world.

Mind-set is Gold!

Theme: Shake, Bow, or Kiss! Whatever it is- make sure you're mind is ready to do business--literally. International business is an adventure and make sure you have the right equipment before you trek out of your country and into the international marketplace. Your attitude, cultural awareness and local ideologist should represent a leader.

Beef Up Your Organization using Facebook!

Theme: Don't let Zuckerberg get all the millions through social media! The realm of global trade is influenced by local and international markets. Position your business where it needs to be---in-front of your foreign customers!

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