Angela has had several years’ practical experience with business management and international markets targeting commerce for small businesses to trade with. She has worked with clients to develop strategies for import and export trading that fits their needs by researching competition and helping to create a strategic business plans that are attainable.


While was an intern at the International business center she wrote “A Workbook for your International Business Plan.” This workbook is a step-by-step guide to start an international business which includes methods to writing a business plan, understanding the components of importing and exporting, and how to target market customers.

Angela has worked in many diverse areas where she has gained vast knowledge and understanding of business. One such work experience was when she worked for Texas Instruments, Inc. as a Trainer 
Coordinator and was in charge of editing and writing technical specifications for new and existing equipment. She found it exciting and rewarding and she learned how to customize the training material to the manufactures 
specifications and legal standards such as OSHA and the EPA.

Angela is also the inventor of ‘inVENTible” which is a decorative external air filter that fits on any vent in the room to capture dust, mold and other airborne particles from escaping into the living area. Additionally, she invented a spell check pen called “myWriteRightpen” that aids in the need of spelling words one might have a hard time spelling. Please contact her for more information about these two inventions.

Angela Loggins 
Business Advisor 
 North America