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Business Capacity Development

Today---This means, at this time markets are growing and business capacity is improving worldwide.  While the direction of focus tends to shift from various regions of the world, one thing is for certain; new models of global business continue to be tailored to appeal to consumers worldwide. This is not a new approach, but something that warrants scrutiny in the number of country and market that endorses the globalization of markets.  While most societies will prosper because of new world market systems, not all businesses will benefit from the global market due to competition and industry know how of market leaders. We will help your business increase capacity in order to compete locally and worldwide. 



Training your staff on export: Identify likely tariffs and duties, calculate the landed cost for your product, research for logistics assistance



Building your international business capacity: Meet with your staff in the US,(Convenience feature) Escort them to the target market, assist in debriefing your staff of what to expect in country, participate in meetings in country, take them back to the airport



Training your staff to capture international trade leads: Provide information on relevant local legislation and regulations in the country you choose to enter.



Interview and Screening potential in country partners: Including lawyers, accountants, realtors. Etc 

Working with SBA, EX/IM Bank, OPIC  and International organizations: Formulate a plan to expand globally with local resources, multinational subject matter experts that have previously worked with global financing institutions.



Develop your understanding in packaging requirements: Compliance is key to a global business venture, have us help you implement INCO terms and other shipping solution to your organization.





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