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With over 40 years of international financial management experience, working mainly in Europe with global high technology industry leaders (e.g. Motorola, Sun Microsystems, Molex and Invensys) as well as with 
German technology start-ups, Larry embarked on his financial consultancy path at the start of 2010. As an expatriate American and partner in Munich Consulting AG, he leverages the financial knowledge gleaned in 
these various technical arenas to provide support to evolving German companies active in technology markets focused mainly on CleanTech and software. In parallel with this activity, he also supports Munich-Area 
technology and international networking initiatives.


His ultimate interests are to nurture emerging companies on financial and administrative issues, to enhance global recognition of the leadership contributions that DACH firms are making, to build bridges with similar technology initiatives in the U.S., and to inspire general interest in cleantech while promoting its importance for all of us.  In the Clean Technology arena, his primary interests are focused on renewable energy, smart homes and smart buildings, energy storage and the smart grid. 
As a member of a number of special interest groups, Larry continually expands his many 
networking contacts in the Munich international business community.  His special focus is on initiatives that contribute to the continued development of transatlantic dialogue and co-operation, efforts geared to 
promote synergies and spur innovation.  He has resided in Europe since 1979, primarily in Munich. 

He currently serves as President of the Munich Chapter of the American-German Business Club e.V. (AGBC) and is also an active member/participant at events sponsored by Munich Network, the German American Business Association, the American Chamber of Commerce, the Amerika Haus Verein, and the Thunderbird Graduate School Alumni group. 

       Larry Schulz
           Financial Management 
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