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Vasile grew up in Sightu-Marmatiei, Northwest of Romania, just a stone throw away from Ukraine. He graduated from Dragos Voda High School, with a background in mathematics and physics. In 2008 he then went on to collegiate studies and majored in Telecommunications and networks at the University of Cluj Napoca in the heart of Romania’s technology district. Vasile, has worked as an assistant store manager for six months in the US, with Crown petrol and Subway chain restaurant. He has served as a tester for Nokia in Denmark on there mobile phone division gearing up to be launched throughout the world market.

He later moved to Spain where he returned to school to finish a Master in Communication Systems at the 
University of Madrid Polytechnic Institute. He finished his studies in 2011, while taking on odd jobs and providing for his family. He has co-authored various research papers on "Sharing In-Vehicle HMI in Semantic Sensor” using the 
Web as a platform, which was published in May of 2012.

He has maintained a freelance independent business for the General Insurance Company, a similar capacity with the PGG Group. He has recently taken on a new role as a logistic and documentation agent for Fast Freight, Spain.

 Vasile Vancea
 Market Analyst 

 Western Europe
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