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What we bring to the table.

We are your "global best friend" and you can call us "GrowBal" Your best friend in GROWING your Global Business assets. We see your business as our main priority because you will be a treasured member of the community where you identify to strategically build your investment destination and us facilitating the bridge and cooperation. Ask us about SBA's STEP program, a grant source to help you go GLOBAL~

Market Entry

Business Capacity Development

Events and Seminars

We promote international trade and are at the front end of market entry solution.


In the twenty first century, new markets will open up, business capacity evolving and purchasing power are bound to increase worldwide. 


Premier Global Council, specifically help businesses to capture these opportunity markets and cultivate a local approach to development. 


  • Looking to market your product and services in the US/EU and CEE markets? We will do the leg work for you.

  • We would be honored to represent your company in Trade Shows, Recruiting Clients, and Collaboration Partners with a distinct
    Signature Experience.

  • ​We also provided trade mission preparation, meetings among decision makers and training for your staff before going overseas.


Today!!!This means, at this time markets are growing and business capacity is improving worldwide. 


While the direction of focus tends to shift from various regions of the world, one thing is for certain, new models of global business continues to be tailored to appeal to consumers worldwide.


This is not a new approach, but something that warrants scrutiny in the  number of country and market that endorses the globalization of markets. 


While most societies will prosper because of new market systems, not all businesses will benefit from the global market due to competition and industry know how of market leaders.


  • We will help your business increase capacity in order to compete locally and worldwide.

  • Our local and strategic partners are at the top of their game and have worked in their field with distinction.


Premier Global Council, understand the segmentation of markets, changes in world market dynamics and most importantly, emerging industries in order to appeal to a global market consumer group.

We subscribe to the proven approach that the norm in international commerce is information technology, language and most importantly, movement of goods. 

Premier Global Council, is staffed and operated by quality consultants in various parts of the globe with a unique understanding of emerging and frontier markets.


  • Our American style business acumen increases your market entry platform and multiplies your latitude in the return on your investment.

  • Our training and events are planned with a strategic approach and proven record to enhance organizational capacity.

  • We develop events that are of interest to small and medium size companies.

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