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Premier Global Council Group, was developed in 2010, as a market entry and business development consulting group. We are your twenty-first century international business solution. The World Market Environment has changed and your organization is only effective when it is able to adjust to the fourth industrial revolution in the New World Market Playing Field (NWM) and be able to compete and remain relevant in global business.


  • PGC Group understand the importance of business intelligence, market entry needs of multinational companies and most importantly the strategic component to a global business venture. We subscribe to proven approach that the norm in international commerce is information technology, market expertise and movement of goods. 

  • Premier Global Council, is staffed and operated by quality consultants in various parts of the world and with a unique understanding of emerging and frontier markets. Our American style business acumen optimizes your market entry platform and increases your latitude in the return on your investment.

  • Premier Global Council Group have developed partnership agreements with local organizations to complement our advisory team and increase capacity for our international clientele. 

Emerging markets worldwide have various strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, therefore we have done due diligence in markets where we help our clients enter. Furthermore,  Premier Global Council Group, have identified key market institutions that are well structured and are capable in handling foreign direct investments. Capture the future, explore and win the race to the top with the help of our NEW WORLD MARKET juggernauts!


You can join the team of PGC Group and become a part of our stimulating and career-boosting internship programme.  While working on the group's various projects and initiatives, you will acquire an insight perspective on business consulting and will learn how to make a difference in the most competitive world market.
Our internship programme will help you develop crucial skills and abilities in project management, global marketing, office management, and PR/social media management, just to name a few.​

You will work with the most accomplished business consultants, meet some of the most successful business managers worldwide, and get access to events organized by our group. And, of course, when submitting future applications, we shall be there to strongly recommend you.​

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