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       Aldous Mina, MBA
              Lead Consultant
      Central and Eastern Europe

​Mr. Aldous Mina, is the lead consultant and managing partner of Premier Global Council Group LLC, a global network of market entry consulting group. The PGC Group LLC, operates in various countries assisting multinational organizations in developing a local presence in a host country.

Al graduated from Liberty University, in the United States with a B.S. degree in International Business and a MBA specializing in International Business from the American Inter-Continental University, while actively engage in economic development in Europe and the US. He is a Vic Potter Scholar, Project Discovery Alumni and a member of the VoTech Honor Society, obtaining a journey man A.A. degree in Electronics technology. Aldous is also the founder of the International Business Council, at Liberty University, in Lynchburg, Virginia. He has received international business training in London, Scotland, Wales and Dublin, Ireland. Aldous has also participated in foreign affairs training in Jerusalem, Israel.

Mr. Mina, has served as an economic and institutional development specialist in the U.S. Peace Corps. During his tenure, Aldous was able to work with several diplomatic outfits, city councils, business organizations, non-profit groups, community schools, chamber of commerce, universities, and regional economic development institutions. Aldous has served in the federal government in both Republican and Democratic administrations, and has handled the White House's initiative on ARRA (American Reinvestment and Recovery Act) financing projects at the Washington DC field office. Mr. Mina also campaigned as an Independent US Senate candidate in the 2020 General Election while a global pandemic was disrupting the political season in various countries. 

Aldous, first hands on experience in global business was with the Virginia Economic Development Partnership, under a trade manager counseling and advising companies on market entry on behalf of the Governor’s Office.  Al worked with large, medium, and small enterprises helping them export all over the world. Al's experience in the US market in the federal government sector was as a contractor for Booz Allen Hamilton, Northrop Grumman, Maersk and Maximus federal government solution.  Aldous, has also participated in market analysis with US embassies in CEE, and is a Gold Key partner. He has collaborated with several well-known multinational outfits worldwide such as the American Chamber of Commerce, in various countries, International Monetary Fund, and the United Nations. Aldous, co-authored the standard operating procedure (SOP) on financial analysis for diplomatic pouch delivery at the World Bank. 


During Al’s post in Romania, he was recognized as a prolific speaker and trainer in the public media, national seminars, and workshops. He was also, featured in various national and local newspapers and is well respected in his trade. Aldous have contributed article's and OpEd on CNN iReport, The Economist and other financial news outfits. He is also a frequent guest personality on various international radio shows. 


On a personal note, Al is a proud daddy of Bella, and accompany's him on his leisure activities which include rare violin hunting, and medieval town visits between global business projects. 


Al is the author of the books "faceconomics, like it" (2012) the use of social media in economic development and "Barbecue Markets" (2017) a three year new world market survey defining the challenges and opportunities in the 4th industrial revolution era. Mr. Mina, also, published his most recent book faceconomics, the rise of the NO BODY'S, drawing a parallel between the have's and have not's in the age of social media market development affecting developed and developing societies.

In the year 2020, while a global health crisis took front and center stage, Mr. Mina, maintained composure and vigilantly chronicled the use of social media worldwide as governments and businesses incorporated a new world market strategy utilizing social media to inform the world population on how to remain safe. He published faceconomics A World Reset in June 2021 and In Social Media We Trust soon after.

His manuals and books are available on all Amazon book distribution channels worldwide.

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