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Christopher is a former member of the Liberty University International Business Council where he participated in secretarial level meetings in Washington DC. He encompasses talent, creativity, and most importantly information technology know-how. He has had his own web development company, and has served in several positions at a domain name brokerage where he managed online marketing, and analyzed, researched and valuated domain names and marketing strategies. 

In addition, he is also a Certified Networker from the Referral Institute.Christopher’s strength lies in his ability to connect the business world with the technological world. He combines his formal education in Business Marketing with his 10+ years of experience in computer programming to come up with the technological solutions that address the growing demands of the business world today. He desires to see businesses utilize the full potential of today’s technology for their growth.

In his free time, Christopher enjoys playing the bass guitar when he isn’t socializing or putting out the kitchen fire during his cooking experiments.  He enjoys martial arts – trained in Karate for a few years in India—and 
tries to keep up with all the martial arts movies out there. He is also working on a few web development projects of his own.

Christopher Lakra
     I.T. Specialist
    North America
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