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Market Entry

We promote international trade and serve at the front end of market entry solution.


New markets will open up, business capacity evolve and purchasing power are bound to increase worldwide in the twenty-first century.


Premier Global Council, specifically help businesses to capture these opportunity markets and cultivate local approach to development. 


  • Looking to market your product and services in the US/EU and CEE markets? We will do the leg work for you.

  • The PGC Group would be honored to represent your company at Trade Shows, Recruiting Clients, and Collaboration Partners with a distinct
    Signature Experience

  • ​Our Group also provide trade mission preparation, meetings among decision makers and training for your staff before going overseas.

  • Want to brag about how dynamic your market is? The PGC Group LLC can showcase your market environment to potential investors, through our events, mailing list, and various marketing platforms.

Business Capacity Development

Today, this means, at this time markets are growing and business capacity is improving worldwide.

Ninety-six percent of 

US customers live

outside the United States.   


While the direction of focus tends to shift from various regions of the world, one thing is for certain, new models of global business continue to be tailored to appeal to consumers worldwide.


Tailoring to market needs and wants are not a new approach to global business, but the PGC Group believes this approach warrants scrutiny in a number of countries and markets that endorse the globalization of markets. 

While societies are bound to prosper because of new market systems, not all businesses will benefit from the new world market due to competition and monopolies in new and old markets.

  • We will help your business increase capacity in order to compete locally and worldwide.

  • Our local and strategic partners are at the top of their game and have worked in their field with distinction.

Events and Seminars

Premier Global Council, understands the segmentation of markets,demographic shifts in the new world market environment and most importantly emerging 

industries' behavior in order to appeal to a global market consumer group.


We subscribe to the proven approach that the norm in international commerce is information technology, language, market know how, economic development strategies and movement of goods. 


Premier Global Council, is staffed and operated by quality consultants in various parts of the globe. The PGC Group's overall global market experience culminates a unique understanding of emerging and frontier markets.


  • Our American style business acumen increases your market entry platform and multiplies your latitude in the return on your investment.

  • Our training and events are planned with a strategic approach and proven record to enhance organizational capacity.

  • We develop events that are of interest to small and medium size companies, while advocating for multinational organizations' interest and initiatives

Non-profit Management and Finance
Non-profit Management and Finance

Assist in locating 501 c3 funding locally and worldwide Provide capacity building management training to non for profit institutions Encourage transparency in funding management through sound accounting training Assist in selection of value system and mission driven alternative source of funding Social media strategy creation via coaching Identify emerging industries to collaborate with Provide coaching in winning hearts and minds in corporate giving

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Agricultural Trade Management
Agricultural Trade Management

Agricultural Trade Meeting Representation Provide training to local farmers on basic trade environment and issues Locating Funding on first time exporters Provide assistance in export business plan development

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Market Intelligence/Risk Reduction
Market Intelligence/Risk Reduction

1.Market research (Major Economic Union) 2.Strategic market entry CEE (Frontier/Emerging Market and Developed Economies) 3.Industry competitiveness (Niche Industry) US/EU/CEE Markets 4.Incorporating in a Foreign Market/Government Relations/Media Relations

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Logistics and Development
Logistics and Development

1.Venue preparation (Hotel, Universities, Trade Show Walks,Kiosk etc.) 2.Market Entry Marketing Coordinator, Locating Distributors, Recruiting Local Top Talents 3.Trade Show and Expo Representation in the US/EU/CEE Markets (Testing a local market with your product/service) 4.Research the local market to provide business leasing solution for your office needs 5.Provide support in training your local staff

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Economic Development (FDI)
Economic Development (FDI)

1.Trend in International Organization Policy 2.International Financial Institution Consultation 3.Economic Development Projects attracting Foreign Direct Investment 4.Collaboration with Chamber of Commerce Worldwide

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Public Sector Consulting
Public Sector Consulting

1.Economic Development Projects 2.Situational Market Conditions 3.International Cooperation and Development 4.Multilateral Agreements and Policy 5.Market Segments and Industry Need

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